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Are you retaining clients from your business golf or just getting new ones?

Are You Retaining Clients or Just Getting New Ones?

I ran into an internet marketer the other day at an Entrepreneur boot camp. The conversation – as we were waiting in the buffet line for lunch – went like this:

Me: “So what do you do?”

Him: “I am an internet marketer”

Me: (Boring I thought) “Oh really, that’s fascinating. And what do you do as an internet marketer?”

Him: “I do Adwords and SEO stuff for companies.”

Me: “Hey, that’s great. Who are your mentors in internet marketing?” (trick question, I know many of the people that know what they are doing in this industry)

Him: “I don’t have mentors, I do not agree with what they do, I only work for the mom and pop places, like the local hardware store.” (potential clue he doesn’t know what he is doing)

Me: “I see. So what is an example of what you would do for a local hardware store?”

Him: “We help them show up on internet searches.” (couldn’t get an interesting answer out of this guy if I tried)

Me: “Great! So after working with you are they guaranteed a certain amount of traffic or a certain ranking on the internet or a certain ROI on lumber sales?”  (now I’m really making him sweat)

Him:  “Here’s a plate, nice to meet you.”

The point of this story is to highlight the fact that most companies are just out there trying to fill the pipeline of new customers. They have no systems in place to do great things for those customers and they lose them just as fast as they can get them.

It takes 5 times more investment to get a new client as it does to keep an existing client. So what are you doing to implement retention systems? Hint: Whatever you are doing it better not be as boring as the guy in the conversation above. Your clients will leave you faster than you can say recession.

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