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Are You On The Need Side Or Want Side?

I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life. Yesterday at 11:00AM, I added to that list by ordering a McFlurry from McDonalds… yes, yesterday was the coldest day of the year and I was ordering ice cream.

McDonald’s has it figured out. They sell on the Want Side, never the Need Side.

In past years people would tell me they “need” my help. I would then take their business card and tell them when I would follow up. And the chase would begin. 150 phone calls, e-mails and direct mail pieces later, the sale was still not made. Why? Because I was selling on the Need Side.

A few years ago I switched to selling on the Want Side. The marketing was shifted to “want” based messages. The networking and follow-up conversations shifted to “want” based language. It’s not surprising sales in 2010 were double 2008 sales.

The other day I had the same conversation with a plumber about their business. They sell on the Need Side just as I had done. The phone rings when someone has an emergency “Need”. It’s not a fun business to be in. I told him to change or get out. There are plumbers who are in the “Want” business. Why not you?

So how do you take your insurance, financial, law, or similar professional business from the “Need” side to the “Want” side?

It is easier than you think and we will be revealing that and more at the upcoming Biz Golf Success Series with renowned speaker, author and consultant Tony Rubleski.

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