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Business Golf News

1-3-11                                SCOTT SEIFFERLEIN – (616)802-4969

Honesty IS The Best Policy When You’re
Playing Golf With Customers

Want to emphasize to your biggest customers or clients that you are a man or woman of your word? Then take them out for a round of golf — and do NOT do what over 60% of respondents have been guilty of. (That is – using the infamous foot wedge.)

“My clients regularly use golf as a way to reinforce that they will be honest in their dealings with business associates, even if their skill level at golf isn’t top notch,” says local golf expert Scott Seifferlein. “They just need to be sure they keep accurate scores and know the rules of the game.”

Should you win? Honesty includes playing your best and beating the pants off your business associate every time you tee it up. Nobody likes to play with a “reverse” cheater. It’s unethical and shows you may not play your best in the business arena.

Scott Seifferlein is a speaker, author and business golf coach to hundreds of West Michigan business golfers. To learn more about business golf strategies and how to employ them in the winter season, call (616)802-4969.