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Golf Fitness Bubba Long

Here is an article that can help you hit it like Bubba Watson.

Golf Fitness

and our feature in the Grand Rapids Press-
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And remember, we are having an event on April 21st that guarantees you will add 10 MPH to your golf swing.


Business Golf News

1-3-11                                SCOTT SEIFFERLEIN – (616)802-4969

Honesty IS The Best Policy When You’re
Playing Golf With Customers

Want to emphasize to your biggest customers or clients that you are a man or woman of your word? Then take them out for a round of golf — and do NOT do what over 60% of respondents have been guilty of. (That is – using the infamous foot wedge.)

“My clients regularly use golf as a way to reinforce that they will be honest in their dealings with business associates, even if their skill level at golf isn’t top notch,” says local golf expert Scott Seifferlein. “They just need to be sure they keep accurate scores and know the rules of the game.”

Should you win? Honesty includes playing your best and beating the pants off your business associate every time you tee it up. Nobody likes to play with a “reverse” cheater. It’s unethical and shows you may not play your best in the business arena.

Scott Seifferlein is a speaker, author and business golf coach to hundreds of West Michigan business golfers. To learn more about business golf strategies and how to employ them in the winter season, call (616)802-4969.


Business Golf Event Jan. 18th, Grand Rapids, MI


If you watch too much CNN, you may find yourself in the corner of the shower, cold water pouring on you, bottle of bourbon clutched in your hand – mewing.


Nuts to ’em. You know how the World can get up off its hind legs? If a bunch of us get busy and sell more stuff and PLAY more golf and make a helluva lot more money.


WHAT IF YOU could construct an entirely NEW, radically different, exciting and satisfying, fast-growing, stronger and more profitable business right where you play now?….


I say: out with the old, in with the new. Let me introduce you to West Michigan’s very first Business Golf Success Seminar. proudly presents you with renowned author, speaker and coach Tony Rubleski of


Tony will be presenting on…

Follow-up –  That will double your business golf success

Marketing & Referrals – Direct response tips to take your sales over the top & become “the person to play golf with”  while achieving a constant stream of business golf referrals.

Biz Golf Marketing- How You Can Join An Elite Business Golf & Marketing Bootcamp- Biz Golf Success For Life


I once heard Jim McCann the CEO of 1-800-Flowers say he needed to be a BOMB-THROWER….to occasionally open the doors, throw some dynamite in, blow everything up and build something better in its place. He also said few businesspeople are willing to do that. Most cower in fear and settle for plodding.



That’s why Tony and I decided to make 2011 the year you double your business golf income. Now. Not just tweak here or there. But to really do something where next December when you add up your loot for the year, you will stand back and look at it all in awe.


So Tony and I rolled up our sleeves, put on our golf gloves, and took a giant swing – to build a business golf seminar like no other. When you familiarize yourself with the mind capture strategies, experiences and direct response business-building tactics of Mr. Rubleski, you’ll realize: I’ve brought you a Giant. He can lift you way up so you can see frontiers of opportunity now concealed behind the clutter, drudgery and routine of day to day activity.

I didn’t stop there either. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we’re launching a Business Golf Success For Life Bootcamp in April. We’ll announce it after the seminar and on top of all that,  we’ll through in breakfast, networking and for the first 25 registrees – a copy of Tony’s latest book titled: Mind Capture, How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change.
Click Here to learn how to register for the event -become on of the first 25 who register and receive Tony’s book for free. BusinessGolfEventJan18th

Your Partner In Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein
PGA Golf Guru
“Stop Slicing Five Swings Guaranteed!”
Phone: 616.802.4969
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P.S. This seminar is geared towards Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and CPAs to guide your networking via golf – but our truths are universal for all golfers looking to double their business golf income. *Not mentioned in the flyer is if your company sends ten or more attendees, you receive a corporate price of $35 per person.

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