Two People – Same Conditions – Different Results

How is it that two people who experience the exact same time frame, the exact same economic conditions in the exact same geographic location can have two totally different outlooks and results on what happened?

Why is it that two different financial advisors can experience the late 2007 to present day time period and one will say “Profits are up 30%” and the other will say “People just aren’t investing anymore”.

Why is it that two personal trainers can experience the same last four years in the same geographic region and one will say “I’ve raised my prices 4 straight years with zero resistance” and the other will say “People just don’t have the money to spend on personal training, I’ve lowered my prices”.

Why is it that two CPA’s in the same town experiencing the same 4 years and one says “Business is up 20% this year” and the other says “In this economy I’m just happy to still have an office”

It’s quite an amazing phenomenon, don’t you think? I believe I have a SIMPLE answer to this.

The difference between those who have had success in the last four years vs. those who have been unhappy with the last four years is MINDSET. And not just the mindset of lying on the couch all day thinking that “things are good” and the phone will ring, but the mindset of choosing to go where the money is. The mindset of target marketing the affluent or those who are spending money NOW!

To learn more about the secrets of those who are saying “I’ve raised my prices 4 straight years” and “profits are up 30%”, get off your duff and register for the upcoming Business Golf Success Series on Jan. 18th.  Renowned speaker, author and consultant Tony Rubleski of Mind Capture Group will be on hand to share insight that will launch you into business golf superstardom!!

As the New Year approaches in a few short hours where do you plan to be in 365 days? Will you still be saying “In this economy” or will you be saying “Business has never been better”?

Call 616.802.4969 to register for the Jan. 18th Business Golf Event.  Complete details at

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